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Read the London Jazz News feature about Claire’s new septet Ensemble C here!

“Listening to SMALL WORLD (the debut recording from Claire Cope, performed by her septet Ensemble C) I was transported to a place of hope. Claire’s music is beautiful; imaginative, uplifting, thoughtful and reflective. The beauty is the subtlety; of the journey of a melody, the gently shifting sands of texture and the control of form, energy and dynamic. All in Ensemble C bring personality to SMALL WORLD, with special mention to vocalist Brigitte Beraha, and Claire herself (listen to her piano introduction on ‘Eyes Open’). Finely recorded and mixed, SMALL WORLD is a treasure that should be shared far and wide!”

Andy Scott – award winning saxophonist and composer.

“This album is full of choices, decisions, an intricate working between the musicians and as a voyage through life is working and full of promise at times, whilst calm and reflective at others. Very enjoyable and the music reveals Cope as a musician with a deep sense of communication and musical community.”

Sammy Stein, Jazz Views.

“A highly promising snapshot of a young piano trio with bags of potential.”

The Jazzman


“Both our children speak so highly of Claire. She gets the best out of them through having built wonderful relationships with them over the years. I would recommend Claire to anyone.”

Anna Hanford, Sunbury on Thames

“Claire has been my teacher for seven years. Her patience, insight and encouragement have helped me to go from not being able to play a note on the piano to reaching Grade 7. Learning with Claire is a pleasure and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone.”

Christina Kent-Egan, Richmond

“I have learned so much from Claire. She is really funny and she never gets cross if you make a mistake. She’s also very patient!”

Elliott Burges, Twickenham

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